Primarily, the purpose of clothing is to cover and protect the wearer’s body from harsh environmental elements, but through time it has evolved into unprecedented part of human culture, social function, multi-million industry and more so it’s political significance.

Throughout history, human societies have set various norms about clothing that reflect standards of gender, religion, modesty, and even social status. Other than these purposes, Clothing may also function as a manner of beautification and as an expression of personal style and taste from the most flamboyant, expensive clothing to the simplest funny t-shirts.

Today, clothing has transcended from its humble beginnings to a multi-billion industry. It also has flourished along with rise of new technological innovations. Even inspirational posters that conventionally just hang up on your walls can now be printed on your clothing.

But if you’re bored stiff about clothing stuff, you can just hang around naked watching this site, you can roll Funny or die. Anyway, tata, thanks for dropping by on this side of town.

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  1. Hi Vernz, just visiting. Yes, you can make a statement with your t-shirts; it is a good moving advertisement when you wear it.


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