Owning a car these days is a necessity that is synonymous to expensive responsibility as it does not end at showing off and you’re done, you have to keep track with its maintenance from timing belt replacement, tires, interiors even up to its water pump replacement and this concerns not just a penny but often can slash your pocket off.

In fact part of my family’s weekly budget is allocated to cars maintenance and gas and this is where strategies to save a penny plays its role, maintaining a good relationship with your repair mechanic is one of the best practices you can adhere to in relation to maintaining your car.

There can be a lot of auto repair shops that is sprouting in your neighborhood but only few can offer you service that commensurate the sum you’re shelling out, Phoenix auto repair shop exist to the promise of reliability, affordability and dependability to make your baby worth its drivability.


  1. sis my car many sound and someone keep tell me to change car but sad I cannot change and I prefer this old car though as I travel not far.

  2. Very well said ate, napapakagat labi ako pagcar maintenance na ang pinaguusapan sa bahay lol.


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