After having three children, two of which delivered via c-section, no matter how hard this mom tried to bring back the pre-pregnancy skin by rubbing and nudging lotions of different names and believing in their promises, I think this strategy is hopeless.

Yeah, just a normal mom ranting over tummy stretch lines, that gosh, after I culled out my swim suits from my plastic organizer, I can’t believe it, I looked …Nevermind. Anyway, I’m not posing for a magazine so that’s fine. But should I have extra I really want to have all these erased, how I wish I could see Dr. Dulin, yeah, without second thought I’ll have my tummy tucked. He’s quite an expert in making saggy mom’s tummy look like that of babies. But right now, I think I need to work harder to see him.


  1. sis the two children c section is first two children?

  2. hello ate vernz! unsa ni nga ppp site?


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