I spent two hours inside a physical bank today, I did not transact millions though I just did some clarifications with some issues regarding my bank account, but it pissed me off knowing that I have wasted much precious time for just a meager amount. For most of us, we still transact banking transactions with the physical set-up, but it is not a secret that we have a whole new option in banking.

Online banking is the best option if you want to save your day with hassles and being stressed out with long queues. Online banking still enables you to open a bank account, paperless and effortless as you just need your usual PC-internet set-up, you can view the history of your transactions, you can even pay bills in no time at all, transfer money from one account to another with no hassles of filling-up papers and specimen signatures.

But one of the most important things to remember is to secure your account online and that is to regularly check-on it and come-up with a password not susceptible to hacking. So for starters, you can visit RaboDirect Online Bank and open your new online bank account today.

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  1. I always considered online banking when I open a savings account!!


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