Just when you're bored around the house. Thanks to this dragonfly it eased my boredom as I chased this fella for several minutes before I finally took him a mug shot.

Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.

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  1. ahahaha! wow grabe jud lugar imong gukod aning dragonfly ate... nice shot ha! love it.. unsa imo gamit nga camera ate?

  2. what a lovely shot...ay, mug shot diay...ehehhehehe.....nice bitaw kau pagkakuha...unsa diay imo gamit nga cam te?

  3. hahaha maayo kay wa ka katamak ug poo-poo sa iro hahaha kay ako adtong bag-o pa ko ga blog..gigukod nako ug shot ang mga butterflies, naka tamak na noon ko ug poo-poo sa iro, nag ki-ang kiang na noon ko miuli hahahaha.

    naka uli nako from Manila. ako anak dili gusto mo uli kay kay ga enjoy pa ug MOA hahaha

  4. Just super, Vernz. The wings are so beautiful. I've seen several different dragonflies, and one damselfly today, so I'm learning a lot.
    -- K

    Alberta, Canada)

  5. Really good shot. Love those color combinations.


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