When I got married in 1999, I made sure it was documented from the preparation down to the last minute of our wedding, which was the closing of the hotel door as per our video archive. But during those times, massive technology available was still the VHS type; we have quiet a stock of our wedding video still on VHS.

Unexpectedly, one of our secondary sponsors, which is now working in Australia has been Skyping me to get a copy of the video, because there were some portions there that are important and she needs it for legal purposes. But it got me a dilemma because the video was still on VHS and it needs to be converted to digital copy. There are available here locally though, but the quality is one thing I cannot entrust on them.

Gladly, there’s CQ Duplication and Multimedia based in Queensland, they’re the best conversion facility provider this industry have today. If you are living down under, you can contract their services for your conversion needs. Video to DVD – Queensland, Film to DVD – Queensland is the best name you can rely now when it comes to converting your precious memories to digital copy, they can provide you copies of whatever digital file you wanted it, this is to ensure easy and convenient viewing in your either PC or laptop.

So don’t put into waste your stocked precious VHS or betamax, now you can have it converted in no time, reliable and affordable. You can visit CQ Duplication and Multimedia now for more information and pricing.

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