After years of waiting and preparing for her migration to America, my bestest of friends here in Davao is finally leaving for the land of milk and honey. We had send-off party the other night and had some sobbing session as well. Actually her parents are in America already but they’re living in Nevada, since they’ve just retired they’re also moving to Los Angeles to be with their daughter and live in the same roof, I wonder if they have contacted San Diego movers already to haul their packages.

Anyway, I’m half sad, half happy for her, sad because goodbyes are never happy, although I know she will just be skype away, it would be different having to pull someone anytime of the day. Happy, because finally her petition just came out and she’s now a plane away to her dreams. Go, girl, you can make it there; don’t forget to send me back chocos and Chiccos.

Thanks everyone for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. Love the picture and the title hehehe... Also love the skype-away term hehehe.

  2. oh I hate goodbyes....:(

    musta na si ma'am diha? hehehehe...sensya na pod te kay dugay napod ko wala ka visit...busy ang life wh...ehehehe!

    salamat sa dalaw ug comments...mamuot man ko sa inyo ni mamiKat woi...ehehehe!


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