This family on this side of town has accomplished three fourths of its family project for this year; I’ve kept back a little from those spendings and hope to spend it at the end of the year for some travel adventures as what we usually do. We hacked traveling from our family schedule this year since we spent quiet a sum for our boys room renovation last summer, but I’m determined we need to get out of here and go someplace fun and awesome.

First thought was Vancouver, but seeing our finances seems like two of my family members has to sacrifice and stay, but I was met with protests from my kids they don’t want the youngest to be left out, so we need to execute Plan B and that is local traveling. Need to figure out in this next two months, where in this country.

Anyway, just sharing some thoughts, if you also wish to travel to Vancouver there is this Trent Jordan Vancouver that can help you tour around, they’ve been in this business for quiet sometime and has intense knowledge of the ins and outs of Vancouver, the where, the what, the why, the how and the when can immediately be answered if you’ll contract their service.

Tata, thanks for dropping by on this side of town.

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