After the suspension of the distribution of cards at my son’s school today, apparently due to some technical discrepancies, I dropped by a nearby mall here to shop for new wall clocks, we need two, one for the dining and one for the bedroom.

It made me dizzy looking for one as there are variety of choices, I don’t want to buy the cheap ones as it will breakdown even before it runs out of battery. Finally I settled with a plain looking one, it has big numbers that even if you’re still dizzy in the morning you still can recognize the time, you know having schooling children you need this gadget to avoid being tardy.

I just realized how powerful this gadget can be, it can make you jump out of your bed if you’re not heeding to its tone. It can lose you fortune if you’re not conscious about it.

Anyway, if you don’t have time to move around stores, you can mouse over some internet sites that sell affordable, quality wall clocks. Why not check it out.

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  1. sis me taking time off blog need break, also me x sleep few days n x much sleep. hard to describe. later see doc for slp pil


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