A friend of mine introduced this product to me several months ago, it’s an organic insect repellant lotion which keeps mosquitoes, flies and even ants away, this product has a special blend of premium-grade virgin coconut oil, citronella, lemongrass and eucalyptus essences. I’ve used it since then as a safest alternative to chemically-based insect repellant lotion that is commercially available. With this dengue virus carrying mosquitoes just around the corner I think every mom should think about the safety of their children.

I actually bought 10 bottles of these during the Mindanao Trade Expo here in Davao. But more than its potency as an insect repellant, I think the manufacturer should think more than the effectiveness of this product, if they want to compete with those that have positioned in the market, they should think about branding design, packaging and advertisement which I think obviously lacks.

I prefer this product more than any other insect repellant in the market; I anticipate the chance that they will be available on the grocery shelves soon.


  1. I hope that this mosquito repellant will be available in grocery stores in Manila when we come home for vacation. Kawawa naman flawless skin ng kids ko dahil sa kagat ng lamok.


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