Wavepool - it’s actually new to Davao, in fact it’s the first wavepool here. My kids just want to experience how it is to be in the muddled water, so we drove far south just to catch that experience. Call it fortunate but the weather did not cooperate it’s threatening to drop a river, but who cares, lol.

The place actually was good, especially at the bay side where you can have a wide picture of the endless sea, and if you’re lucky you get to see beautiful sun setting at Mt. Apo. They also have a nice, charming hotel by the sea, though no shore to walk-on, as they have reclaimed the shore area for the pool.

Here sharing some snapshots.

The pool at dusk
not minding the storm
the wave source, just wondering how this technology work, 
it really made the pool area turn into an angry water, it's dangerous for small kids but teens, adults just so love to fight back this human-made nature
soaking want to 'sawa'
charming cottages at the pool side
streaks of sunlight at dusk, its relaxing standing by the railing skywatching here.

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  1. Oh, I lOOOve wave pool :D
    We have a wave pool here and become regular visitors. Beautiful pictures!

  2. girl how many feet ba yung wavepool ? btw girl sa blue marlin swimming club ang anakins ko sa brokenshire resort na sila

  3. haha talagang never mind the weather sis! lovely place to unwind =) happy week,hope you can drop by my page too

  4. oi..ganda..naa diay wavepool...wa pa mi ka-anha diha Vernz...ako diay ingnon ako Aunty anha mi diha kay sige to pang hagad nako ug paradise or pearl farm pero dili man ko kay musakay man ug bangka/lantsa whatever...talawan man tawon ko ug bangka/lantsa oi nyak hehehe.

    pila entrance diay etc Vernz hahaha

  5. The wavepool looks like a fun place. Great photos. Happy Blue Monday!

  6. ay pang ka bongga sa weekend ninyo te...lingaw kau ang mga chikiting...ehhehehe!

    naa pod nay sya dire te...uso mana dire nang Akesha sige lang padaplin permi..ehehe....pila pod ang entrance te?

    nahan ko sa cabana..sosyal sya...murag dko ka afford sa!

  7. Kadaghan d i ug nice place sa davao, pasuruya nya ko diha maam ha

  8. Wish we had a wave pool here in the NC mountains. Looks like everyone was having fun.

  9. Ay kahit mga adults nito Vernz mag enjoy din. Na excite nga ako nung nakita ko hehe, gusto ko talaga ang wave sa tubig. At mas maganda to kesa dagat hehe. Happy weekdays!
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  10. W0w,that was fun and luxuri0us day f0r kids

  11. hello guyz.. i'm from cauayan city, isabela.. di ko pa masyado familiar ang davao.. naghahanap kasi ako nang magandang place like this.. magkano ba nag entrance fee and the room rates? please help naman oh.. maraming salamat po..


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