People in the fashion world have been talking about this 17-year old Brit songstress, the teen XFactor star’s quirky fashion style lately. For someone who is not certainly geek about ladies fashion, I don’t find her style unusual; in fact I’d rather call hers audacious, hostile to what is typical. Let’ just give it to her, respect for her style I would suppose to say.

Of all her fashion adventures, this one in particular I find wearable fit for climates in the tropics. The Military Boots look good with this pink skinny though, but I would opt for wedges for a lighter and fresher look. I can’t afford the name of this bag, but some replicas will do and for sure way cheaper.

But if you’re really bold and daring then why not, go for Cher Lloyd’s Style, and then share your experience with me, that would be worth blogging. So there start your fashion jaunts now. Cheerio!

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