For quiet a while I’ve been thinking why the pains all over my flesh has persisted even with the administration of proper pain management medications. My doctor friend said it’s caused by extended mental and emotional factors that has became the source of persistent headache, back pain sometimes stomach pain, sometimes heart burn. According to this doctor friend of mine, often patients who suffer such pains are stigmatized because some medical professionals and people around construe most psychological pains as not valid and are just acted out. In fact, if he doesn’t know what my history was he would also think the same.

First level pains can be remedied with Tramadol though, but not the pain that persist at the back of someone’s mind. The more I understand my pain, the more I’m disappointed with myself not because of the poor pain management but because I know the way out of this pain yet, I’m just dim-witted not take the move to get rid of it. Sigh! Such a torture.

Well, I know I’m displaying some evidences of psychological disturbance, who wouldn’t in this kind of circumstance, at least I know and warning those people around me that I’m releasing pressure.

But seriously, if you’re experiencing same occurrence as mine, it can be remedied short lived if one will buy tramadol, but not the long term medications of it. You need someone to talk to, to release pressure. As of press time, I’m not yet that brave to confront this situation because of some sensitive factors, I guess I have to deal with it momentarily.

On the lighter side, if you wish to buy tramadol online, as a temporary solution to psychogenic pain, there are sites that can serve you with this need. That’s all for now, thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. I know someone can make me go crazy, when I talk to her she sings!

  2. is hard enough when I avoid her coz she keep repeat her past and even follow me to kitchen and tell.

  3. now who do you think has the problem

  4. my dear keep saying don't bother let it be, but I can't it just make things worst


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