I beg your indulgence ladies and gentlemen but this is a special request from my oldest and my youngest boys to be the pin-up boys for my Wednesday edition post .. kaloka!

I’m granting this request out of fear that my internet connection will be disconnected without prior notice, you know how it is…. Nyahahaha! These are the boys, actually there’s another one who strayed away during the pictorial that make my life both happy and stressful …. Stop nagging Ma! You can’t think well with your opps.. so please … let this go OK… they always threaten me with these lines …. How can this be? Hayyy.. xaaaaaa! Cherrio!

Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.

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  1. aw! i super love their pics ate! so cute! apil pud unta ka te... hihihihi!


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