I don’t know what happened but I had insomnia attacks these past few days, well, blame it to Japanese movies-my latest craze, it’s just that their pieces will keep you thinking why it happened after seeing and not a typical humdrum John Lloyd lovey-dovey kind. I’ll share some thoughts of those when I’ll come to organize my mind.

Meanwhile, as plot thickens in the movies, pimples are slowly showing like mushroom buds right under my chin, gosh they’re plenty of them. Swollen like volcanoes ready to erupt. I’m really tempted to squeeze them, but thanks to this boxed article I stumbled.

OK, then I’ll take that. But more than pinching, some say gulping some hot milk before going to bed will at least reduce anxiety and will give one a good night sleep. I’ve been trying, but geez, my eye bags are like inflated balloons, I think I needed some Natural Skin Care Products here they’re the best for the skin.

I know to have radiant skin I need to reprogram my body’s bad habits. I’m working hard on it. But just in case you’re looking for skin care that contains no harmful ingredients, I recommend you opt for Natural Skin Care Products it can nourish your skin with same function as chemically-based skin care products, but only on a gentler and pure way.


  1. Ang galing galing mo ,talagang writer ate hehehe, saludo ako... Hubby ko eh mahilig magsqueeze ng pimples ako ayoko kasi masakit..

  2. nyahaha! na ako ate ganahan man jud ko mamislit sa akong bugas oi labi na ug hapit na mahinog kanang naa nay yellow...hahaha!

  3. agoy ako pod...tag 2am na matog...waaaaaa...dko busy tan-aw tv...busy ko ug blog or d kaha busy-busyhan lang...ehehehe!


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