errr... I'm born on the year of the rat ...
Wow, after 100 years of purposely denying that this blog exist … nah, just me and my busy self - checking love notes of my studes, finally I got back to my senses, hoy! Mag-update ka!

I’m real excited I’m seeing someone tomorrow … I’m saving my 12:00 o’clock for Mommy Kat… more on that later.

Since I’m meeting her tom, I did my grocery this evening, I was rushing to have my loyalty card updated when I spotted this lucky bracelet at the Chinese bazaar at the mall atrium here, it sells for P150, you know the ‘kuripot’ me I haggled it for P95.

I thought after giving her the money without receipt in return that ends the transaction, but the sales lady called me back, maam, ‘please put your bracelet here’

She turned it around and around, this is the best I can get.
‘What for?’
‘So that the ‘malas’ will go away (is this some kind of rain, lol)

After the ritual the sales lady put the bracelet on my right wrist.
‘Why right?’
‘Because it symbolizes both literally and symbolically, you will do right in everyway this year’
‘Ok, fine thank you, (bantay kalang kong di matuman, lol)

When I got home and read the paper label that comes along with the bracelet ….

Naniwala na sana ako …. But last line here broke it all… I can't believe I like what? lovish money? …lol…


  1. nyahahahaha, sama ako sa eyebal nyo ate.. Ang saya naman. I got lost with your comment about header. I don't know about it... Did it pertain to my header in Spice Up? wahhh, tell me please.. mwah!

  2. mau pa diha kay pede pa ma hangyo...dire d uso ang hang hangyo...ehehehe...ka nice sa imong bracelet te....kuyaw pod kay lovish money man jud ang!

  3. i bought necklace and surprised about this ritual well i hope my necklace will bring health and prosperity :)


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