God willing, fingers crossed, and if everything will go smoothly as planned our dream house will be constructed late next year. It’s not a grand abode though but just a decent house for a family of five.

I hope to get some time with our friend architect here to bring him to the site before drawing on the details of the house plan.

It would be a simple modern house with no fancy and flares. But what I’m so particular with is the would-be flooring. My first thought would be to install wood tile panels but I just thought it would be hard to source wood tile around.

But this stained concrete flooring in particular is so awesome looking, its another flooring style where an ordinary concrete floor slab undergo processing and concrete polishing that eventually will turn the whole thing into a shiny, visually appealing, and resembles a real natural stone and on top of everything this kind of flooring option is environmentally sustainable. Just perfect.

I’m seriously considering installing polished concrete flooring in my future house. I hope I can get a contractor around town that won’t tax me much.

And if you want to know more about polished concrete flooring idea, I recommend you visit, you can browse at their portfolio and see the beauty of their work, they also have a comprehensive package on the installation and setting up services, in fact you can avail of their free estimate service.

So don’t just build a home, build it with style!


  1. pagka nice jud ani....wala me budget...mantinir nalang me ani ug plain spalto...ehhehee!

  2. nice ang color no?...amo floor kay pink/white ang tiles sa silong, then blue/white mura clouds sa itaas..........nya hastang kapuya diay i-maintain....diay akong mga sakop, mag kaon, mangahulog ang kan-on, nya dili hipuson, mugahi sa salog, kapoy kaayo kutkuton...waaaa

  3. I don't know if that photo is of the house, but it looks really nice.

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  5. What I love in concrete flooring is it the durability. Concrete flooring is not easy to get cracked.

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