MARAGUSAN CLIMB 1998 - Nostalgia

About thirteen years ago I joined the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI) national congress and climb at Mt. Candalaga in Maragusan, Compostela Province.
It was one of the so called unforgettable chapter and the most excruciating part of my life, literally.

I didn’t prepare for this climb because my co-workers back then said, it’ll be just a fun out-of-town camping but when we get there, I never thought I would confront the greatest fear of my life and that was to climb a mountain with just a mere can of sardines and a pack of noodle. But somehow I managed to survived the 12-hour uphill climb with all the leeches, snakes, mosquitoes and calling all the gods along the way.

I thought of sharing the experiences and photos that I had for the next month of Nostalgia.

So this is the invitation leaflet …

Maragusan town lies in the heart of Compostela Valley Province North of Davao City, it’s about 6-hour bus ride from Davao City. 

I remember we arrived Maragusan exhausted and hungry, I knew I could devour a whole elephant back then but there weren’t no open ‘carenderia’ during that time because it was on a Sunday and was also drizzling. So we requested an old lady in this little house to cook us food and we’ll just pay in return, that old lady was kind enough to feed us.

So the croc was full and went to rest, at a ledge in the municipal flag pole area, after a day’s rough road journey.

After an hour, the organizer buzzed us to gather at the municipal gym for the final instructions, but the rested croc went to get some photo opp with the majestic Compostela Valley at the background.

So, after our whats, the whys, the whos and the hows were answered, we were asked to climb this dump truck to be transported to the first camp. We actually don’t know some of these guys, but that was this climb was all about, extending arms and knowing lotssa friends …. It was a real clean fun! The dump truck ride was long and bumpy, I swear the devils around there has covered ears, human voices were too loud and piercing.

After we were dumped and all, just in case we’ll lost our way to the second camp after 12-hour hike, we’ll have at least a souvenir shot. 

More of this adventure next week.


  1. That place was my first experience for field trip when I was a scholar during college, I love the place and I was so fascinated with the fogging. It is so cold also there. I so love it. Later pa ang Nostalgia ko hehehe but visiting you here from Bloggers Exchange
    I hope you can visit me here too, thanks!
    My Daily Mumbles
    SAHM’s Online Diary

  2. gandang experience nyan, mam vernz...di ko cguro keri umakyat ng bundok...hingal kalabaw aabutin ko, hehe.
    nice try...
    enjoy un mga foto ops, esp un nksakay sa dumptruck^_^

  3. thanks for stopping by and wow, what an adventure you had.. all the new friends you made.. it was certainly rewarding, is it not? :) nice meeting you through nostalgia.. :)

  4. Its a fun experience i remember before we graduated from college we had tree planting in one of the nearest mountain in our place. Nadulas pa ako, lol!

  5. I love mountain climbing ate, it is so exciting.. I laughed at your can of sardines lol.. Lovely photos!

  6. That was a lots of fun indeed, Ate Vernz, my husband and I is also planning for a hiking but not mountain climbing, hehe

  7. Nice place to hike and climb. :) You look so slim those pictures Mam Vernz. My Nostalgia

  8. Awe! I love it. I would definitely go too. I love that kind of event. This reminds me of the trips that I had with my co-choir members. Actually, lots of trips and mountain hiking. The last time we went on a mountain hike was last summer in Colorado and we made it. It was fun! :)

    Adin B

  9. Must be one wonderful experience. I also am one climber-wannabe but my experience was only till BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course). Dili nalang jud ko maghandum kay murag lisod man, LOL!

    Nice foggy mountain and great choice for a Nostalgia feature.

  10. Oo siya nga Ate Vernz, c Ate Belle, pasenxa na mag-iiwan ako link ito facebook page niya.

  11. avah mommy! karaan lagi to masyado..hehehe..
    visiting from Nostalgia..

  12. I've never tried to climb any mountain. You must be proud of your self; you're a strong woman :)

  13. Mukhang ang saya nga. Ako, I will never try climbing any mountain or volcano like my brothers and friends did. For sure, di ako aabot sa tuktok. Mahihimatay na ko sa paanan pa lang ng bundok. Lol.

  14. Wow,that's a great experience Mam Vernz. I experience to climb in a mountain and I got sick after our mountain climbing. Anyways, you and your group surely had a great experience to kept in their heart. Have a nice weekend Mam Vernz.

  15. ay wa pa ko kaabot diha...asa ng maragusan Vernz...Davao del Norte na? hehe ka nice sa imo porma dah hahaha...

  16. Ate Vernz..naa ko tag nimu! unta maduaw nimu.. :D hulat ra nya ko sa ako balay balay..amping!

  17. I hope you enjoyed that trip!

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  18. sos tawon, first year HS paman ko ani nga time...nagtuon pako ani mga panahona te, ikaw sige na rampa...ehehehe...joke! wow, astig man kau ka teVernz woi....glad to know...nag katkat naba ka sa mt.apo? heheheh!

    pagka majestic sa place...agoy, klaro kau nga busog kay nag siesta...ehehehe...:)


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