I’ve eaten quiet a lot of Sodium nitrite last night, I’ve devoured three sticks of these dogs. I think it won’t kill me right immediately. Wahh!

Doctor: Did you know that sodium nitrate used as preservative, coloring and flavoring in hot dogs (and other processed meats) is one of the causes of the formation of cancer-causing chemicals called nitrosamines?
Me: Who Cares, nobody get out of this planet alive anyway. But please, let me live longer…
Doctor: that’s not for me to decide …
Me: then who?
Doctor: it’s you, your choice of magnolia or purefoods..

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  1. Super fav ko ang Purefoods Hotdog! Hindi ko ipagpapalit kahit sa mga hotdog dito.

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  2. nyahahaha imo jud ko gipakatawa Vernz, try pod CDO daw hahahaha...

    oi, wa pa nag reply si Bing nako...basig busy pa sa school nya...

  3. fave ng mga kids ito yay!

    Mine is here thanks

    Little World of Fun

  4. We deserve some hotdog lovin' from time to time! And I prefer Purefoods Hotdogs :D I always ask my brother to bring me a pack or two whenever he goes home for holiday. Happy FTF!

    We Ate This!

  5. hahhaha...ahak...try other brand! wala man tawon na magnolia dire ug purefoods...mas ganahan jud ko sa atong hotdog woi kaysa dire..dire man jud kay! d malanlan...hahahaa!

  6. hehehe.. purefoods ra pud ako ginapalit ate vernz..

    Food Trip Friday

  7. i love hotdog, miss ko na ang ganyang hotdog, ibang style kasi dito, nde pula kagaya nyan...:( voting for purefoods too, but swift used to be my favorite when still working with them, hehehe! anyway, happy friday!

    PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

  8. I let little Narelle sample some when we visit the supermarkets, but no way am I going to buy any home!

  9. all time favorite hotdogs specially the kids,


  10. Wow dami namang hotdog, yummy!

  11. Kami currently CDO Sesame ang hotdog, but I guess my fave will be CDO Bibbo. :)

    my Food Trip Friday post

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  12. hahaha...kasi naman sarap ng hotdog..madali pang lutuin..hahaha.. yummy share maam Vernz

  13. basta hotdog- its always purefoods

    Happy foodtripping, hope you check out my entry too
    I Love Darly!

  14. Hahahaha magnolia or purefoods lol.. Honestly miss ko ang hotdog dyan sa tin kasi pula weeee..

  15. Visiting here from FTF #36...

    All time favorite ito ng aking mga anak...

    nakidaan, nakibasa at natakam...
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  16. may kita ata yung doktor mo sa either brand eh. :P seriously, it's unhealthy.

    FTF #21.

  17. I like hotdogs too.. i like the skin a bit crispy :P

  18. ang cute naman ng doc mo hehe

  19. my connection sucks also, cant seem to see the photos in every blog i visited, grrr to smart.

    anyways...visited here to reconnect, mam vernz ^_^ and to follow:)

  20. what's the white stuff? I usually do not eat sausages. used to flat with guys who worked in the meat processing plants , and they told us what sausages are made of.

    The run was a fun run, everyone was encouraged to run. That is why parents brought their kids.


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