What if one day, you’re sitting in your toilet bowl doing your number two with your hands clutched in your face and your elbows on your knees, deeming the second most pleasurable feeling on Earth, and then steadily you’re up attempting to drain those rubbish sh-t, then suddenly it stopped right at the brim and threatens to spill over your newly bought non-slip rags … what are you going to do?

I suspect you would scream your heart out, rousing the whole house and then what? Get the toilet pump? Call for emergency, call the fire station? Gosh, I beg your indulgence but this thing really had happened to me not once but twice.

I can’t believe this toilet thing can make or break someone’s day, good if you’re living in places like San Francisco, you can immediately call for a pro to unclog toilet, but in this country? It’ll take you another pooping day before those sh-t gonna get down the drain.

But seriously, these people living in San Francisco and San Mateo area are the luckiest; you have professional plumbing service you can always call at anytime. These guys are not only expert in unclogging your toilet, they also can do water heater replacement, fix your leaking faucet, can do sewer replacement services and many more.

So worry no more, just get into the feeling and call them if anything untoward happen.

Tata, thanks lovelies thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. hahahaha kakatuwa ka talaga ate, nangyari na yan dito sa bahay, si john kasi tagaclogged at ang laki ng popo lol.. He was so pissed lol..

  2. Haha.. I suggest you put liquid sosa. Really effective.

  3. We should always leave the toilet dry and clean. In my house, the toilet is the cleanest.

  4. I can imagine myself producing all the adrenaline to think what to do :D


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