Let me tell you a little secret, I’m feeling like I won tons of moolah from online Casino today, the monsters around here has gone to Europe with her friends, I’m so, so happy. The travel agency said they will be on tour for three weeks, so if the cat is away the mouse will play.

It’s my heart’s desire to see Prague too but not with my MIL around. Should we have been in best of terms; probably I'm on top of the Pacific Ocean now heading my way to Prague too.

But what can I do, maybe I should just try my luck instead playing poker here, I might get a round trip ticket from Pinas to Praha too.


  1. Balato na lang Ate Vernz, I mean pasalubong if ever...kahit bag lang hahaha.

  2. haha i know the feeling. i find my future-MIL intolerable :P


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