Ha-li-lu-ya! It’s fixed!

I’ve been crippled to death these past few days because of this damn intermittent DSL connection on my end – that’s why I made a leave, a two-day blogging leave … hehehe … it’s better that way I think than letting my eyebrows meet.

Finally, Mr. PLDT came to the rescue today, per diagnosis ni manong - the problem was with my dusty 5-year old modem, he said I should let go as it's retiring and replace it with a new one that would cost me a thousand and 200 pesos, geezzz, what can I do, I need to feed my addiction, it’s the only way ;)

So here, finally I’m wired and ready for the world, let’s get hoppin’.

Thanks guys for taking time to drop by, I’ll make it up!


  1. That's one of my biggest frustation inthe Philippines---the internet connection. No provider is better than the other because each one is dependent on where you are located....as if your location is at the neck of the forest.

  2. welcome back to blogging sis :)

  3. Wow ganda naman nyang internet connection mo yaan yung pina pangarap kong mabili magkano bili mo jan.

  4. Woot! That's great news! Happy to have you back! :D

  5. Parang it is hard to love without the connection of the Net, lalo na pag nagign way of life na...


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