It’s really an awesome feeling when you receive something unexpected. I’m talking about this post card. It’s from ‘the Cottrill’s’ of West Virginia!

Thank you very much Rose, blessed to have known you here and the rest of your family, John, the lovely burritos EJ and Ry. God bless you always. (Apologies for not visiting your blogs often lately been sick and my kids were too). I often just beat off opp deadline and go offline, haisst! ;(.

If everything will be OK on this side of town, I’ll make it up.

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  1. Weeee sensya na po at very late na yung greetings hehehe... Sorry to hear that you guys are sick.. Hirap pag maysakit eh, magastos ka.. Hala pagaling ka, mwah!

  2. How sweet! Lovely card.

    Belated Happy Birthday, Vernz. God bless always.

  3. Ay ang cute ganda pala ng penmanship ni Ate Rose, ah. Get well soon Ate Vernz kaya pala hindi kita masight, ako eh busy-busyhan lang sa kadrodrop ng EC, 4 kcng card eh kaya ubos time ko sa kddrop instead sa kbblog..hehehe, Thank you for the add. Xa nga pala di teacher yong sa header ko office girl, hehe. Search mo lang Dapino graphics o khit Dapino lang, mdami ka makikitang magandang vector/grpahics na gawa nia. :)

  4. Ohhh that is so sweet!!! Belated Happy Birthday!!

    The cross

  5. Oh how nice of Mommy Rose naman...so thoughtful. Belated Happy Birthday Vernz!

  6. Very sweet surprise! Belated happy birthday...

  7. Wow, sweet naman ni ate rose ..Belated happy birthday.

  8. ang galing naman hehehe, ganda ng post card. Thanks for visiting me in my entry here, do you mind to visit me @ My Daily Mumbles too? Thanks

  9. I didn't know it was your birthday Vernz....let me greet you a very belated happy birthday. Hope you enjoyed it. You are so blessed to have wonderful friends like Rose. She's really sweet.

  10. awwwwwww...how sweet naman ni manangRose...as always....:) ako gani, imo ko g surprise...na touch tawon ko...salamat kau te ha...mwah!


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