Right now, I’m one those Pinay moms whose wallet is whacked down to the last cent. Reason – because it’s June again, because my kids are growing so fast and I’m compelled to buy new stuff every June - shoes, uniform, school supplies, bags ... etc, etc…

Geez, I just realized now I never had bought even a single rusty hairpin for myself. Oh, well, I know this is part of living a mom’s life - just unleashing my thoughts over the World Wide Web. But the irony of it all while I’m here anxious sick about this dang money, here comes my husband couching over tons of moolah. Oh, don’t get excited over there, he’s just watching Two for the Money, remember Al Pacino in this 1995 sports betting themed thriller drama?

It was said that the plot of this drama was based on a true story, wow; really money in this betting on sports industry is like a river swelling endlessly. Anyway, I know I have two choices at this time, wait for this month to end and line up the lotto outlets and regret I’ve handed my last dough to the teller. ;)

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