Some bitter melancholia

I almost forgot I had this blog, hahaha!

Nah, another lousy alibi of mine, lol, was a very lazy blogger lately, maybe because I was struck with Bin Laden’s virus, Thanks to Rose I had a very good reason to update.

So it’s high Thursday on this side of the world and its nostalgia time.

I don’t think I’m in the mood to be melancholic right now, I’m actually on heightened alert following the gruesome-live-coverage death (at the Whitehouse of course) of Mindanao’s, I mean the world’s – according to the US- terrorist ‘pareng’ Osama. Whatever the open and close parenthesis meaning of that – I and I’m alone

Anyway, following also some terror threats on this compound where symbolic Bin Ladin is staying, (can I request a squadron of Navy Seals here!) – I’m dying to have a get-away to some place peaceful, some place loose, and some place quiet.

Cheer me up people, some lousy rugrat right here is terribly down to bits.

Anyway, following strict rules of this meme, I’m posting some photos of some of our weekend getaways on this side of town. I think I needed to unwind my rusting soul and scour it to shine with some steel brush and dip it in strong solution to survive a bit more.

Sorry about some ambiguities of this post – it just show some blurry minds writing. Thanks for dropping by. Join us again next Thursday for another round of Nostalgic Marveling at Rose’s blog, mouse on the badge to join.



  1. Cheer up, Vernz. I didn't eat the macaroni salad but I sure know how you feel. Me, too.
    I had no idea they showed the gruesome details of Bin Ladin's death on TV. My husband is away on business, so I don't watch the news.
    However, it was nice to have you commenting on my blog again recently. Thanks!
    Take good care of yourself.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Same with me Ate Vernz, feeling busy these past few days. I have been absent to Nostalgia for few weeks already, BTW.. check this Template Demo..bagay to doon sa hinahanap mong teacher template Ate Verz ..

  3. If only I could write like you ate lol. I always find humor in your posts no matter how down you are hahaha. Sige na, vacation na kayo di ka naman magtuturo eh, so madami ng time to go on vacay and to BLOG weeee.

  4. Oh miss like that place nice shots.. from Nostalgia...

  5. I don't think your post is ambiguous. Feel mo lang kasi mag-metaphorical ...heheheh!

  6. Lovely captures naman, Vernz. The post is not ambiguous at all. I love the way it was expressed, hehe.

    It feels great to be back here. Just like you, i was in absentia for a while. Been very busy offline. It feels soothing and relaxing to see some magnificent shots like that. Thanks for sharing.

    Mine is up and running here:


  7. nice photos sis, this is really nice place to relax and forget some troubles gives us stress.

    Slogged Over Leisure
    Mapeh Org

  8. Go go go, you do need a vacation. Relax and unwind, tell husband you need it. Thanks for the visit Ms. Vernz.

  9. i still love reading your post, Vernz :D

  10. You need to unwind and free your mind of anything that has got to do with Osama : ) Visitig from Nostalgia.

  11. Nice pictures! And your post is very interesting :D
    Thanks for dropping by my blog

  12. Nice pics Ma'am Vernz.. :D

  13. Awww, why the sad mood, Vernz? I am here though to cheer u up! The question is, did I actually cheer u. LOL.

    Smile! Love the photos! Missed going to the beach na.

  14. murag stress man kau si titser...ehehehe...pag getaway mo te...pabugnaw sa utok ba...ehehehe!

  15. Ay ako minsan nga ma obama ko siya instead osama wahhh

  16. Great way to unwind your mind from the problematic world Mam Vernz. Keep on releasing them out, don't keep em inside the box. :)
    MY MM and nostalgia

  17. ganda..
    Late visiting from Nostalgia! :) happy mothers day!
    My Nostalgia


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