Today is yet another crazy day recorded in my life’s history. It’s summer on this part of the world and I’m suppose to take advantage of the so-called summer vacation, yet here am I running to and fro for some business, I mean helping someone else’s business hoping to get an extra, you know I have three mouths to feed, so mama has to work to harder.

I’m helping a friend who is putting up a clothing stall in a soon-to-open mall here in Davao City. We’re sending out men on foot to distribute flyers around town to promote her boutique.

I was actually the wits behind this campaign, I just thought it’s the cheapest form of marketing campaign we can make since her store is just starting and budget for ads is not much, flyer printing comes cheap than paying seconds on television or renting a sky space for billboard, besides I find this campaign to be so personal it reaches your market with your business proposal personally landing on your prospective client's hands. We’re sending out men to insert flyers at car's wipers parked on churches and mall parking bays.

The open secret to successful flyer marketing is to design that piece of paper attractive, concise copies yet lodge up all the pertinent information you want to let your buyers know and spark up interest to check out what you have for them.

And if you’re looking for great sites that can do more than just a piece of paper, I suggest you visit, don’t settle for anything less for your business, start your future with them. Good luck!

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  1. ayay! ka busy man kau ni ma'am tawon...ehehhee...wala diay summer vacay....:)


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