8 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts For Social Work Advice

When you are looking for social work advice, you can find it on Twitter. This advice will come in a number of different forms but if you look for it then you will find it. Here are 8 must-follow Twitter accounts for social work advice and some of the forms that this advice comes in. Sometimes the best advice comes when someone isn't even trying to give advice.

Sharing Experiences

The experiences shared on Twitter by social workers can help to inform your own experiences. By seeing what other people are going through and how they are handling the challenges of their cases you can reconsider your own approach to handling yours. If you're lucky then you may even get to see how their choices play out so that you can really understand the possible outcomes of handling a case in a certain way. You can learn what to do and what not to do as well as what ways of looking at your job in social work would appear to be the most helpful.

Meaningful Quotes

Quotes are wonderful little nuggets of wisdom that can say a lot to anyone willing to listen. The quotes provided by these social workers on Twitter can provide much needed inspiration and advice. Sometimes you can get so lost in the details of a situation that you forget the simple truths of life that can clear up all the confusion that you have around a case. The right meaningful quote can help to lift the fog so that you can proceed with confidence.

Informational Articles

There are often links to longer articles in Tweets and this is always a great place to find social work advice. These articles can shed light on all manner of social work topics and the information they provide can be clear advice on how to act when you face those issues in your own work. You always feel more confident about dealing with issues when you are well informed and reading these articles is a great way to be well informed.

Direct Advice

Sometimes you are lucky enough to get some direct advice in a Tweet. It may be one of those individuals who likes to Tweet direct advice all the time or it may be just anyone who has one of those moments of clarity that everyone gets in life who decides to share their epiphany via Twitter. The advice that you find may not often come in this form but when it does you want to pay close attention. The level of insight that comes with someone who has managed to surrender and make peace with a difficult situation can be awe inspiring.

8 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts For Social Work Advice

2. AnonymousSW
3. SimplySW
4. Mentalhealth
5. JenMSW
6. social_worker
7. socialworkdiary
8. crazyworldofSW

Social work advice can be found in abundance in these 8 Twitter accounts if you can see it in its many forms. Everything is a learning experience so you can learn something every time these individuals post a new Tweet. Just remember that the advice that you find may not always be good advice.

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