Nothing much happening on this side of town, except that it has been raining every night for the last two days. Last night it rained hard again, but it wasn't just an ordinary rain, it comes with it giants fighting over a piece of something, geezzz.. Sorry about that theory, thing with old folks before they will tell you stories just about anything when thunder and lightning strikes. lol.

Anyway, my air-station mal-functioned after a killer lightning strike last night, I mean I can feel it was close, it was so loud, but I must be luckier it passed by our roof.. waahhh! There weren’t any media ruckus of someone stricken by lightning this morning so maybe it was bolted somewhere in the open sea, hmmmm not sure about the science of lightning… lol.

But the sad part is that I misplaced my wi-fi gadget receipt, I can't exchange the item for a new one as it’s still under warranty. I didn’t know wi-fi gadgets are afraid of thunder and lightning too. …

Anyway, thanks guys for dropping by.

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  1. oh my, good thing it was only your antenna the lightning hit. been raining here, too, since last week. but it looks like a sunny day today--yehey! my dog can finally exercise.:p

  2. It is raining here today too. I hope the sun comes out soon. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  3. I wish it'd be raining HERE. But no dangerous lightening.

    Winston on a blanket of Flowers is my Tuesday Link. Hope to see you visiting today.

  4. na dire tawon kay opposite kau ang weather...super hot kau...samot ko ka itom..mura na nuon ko ug badjao...nyahahah!

  5. That's some serious rain you've got there, Vernz. Funny thing is, we had a huge lightning storm here last night, too, and there's another one forecast for tonight.
    Hope you find your receipt.
    Take care.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  6. Hi Vernz, unfortunately, the weather is not getting better from where I am. Raining all day.

    Visiting BC Bloggers on my list. Hope you can do the same. Thanks!
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  7. We're having one of those storms right now. My dog is freaking out. He hates thunder. I like the red bits as seen through the raindrops. Nice shots.

  8. Wahhhhhh dito para ding may bagyo minsa, ang lAkas ng kulog hehehe..

  9. Wonderful rainy shots. Here too it is raining. Thanks for your comments in my space.


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