So you think a lady mayor can’t whack a sheriff’s face? Not in our town!

I used to seeing Mayor Inday Sarah as meek and a composed lady, but this afternoon when I saw her live in action, as she mediates demolition job in Brgy. Rosemarie, Agdao here in Davao … I said.. wow! She sure had guts! I’m proudest of you Mayor Inday –defender of the less fortunate. Mabuhay ka!

Watch this to know what I’m saying about!

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  1. Bongga jud ni atong mayor! That's what I like. Naay political will and knows how to uphold what is right. Di lang pa kyut-kyut:).

  2. the action was definitely wrong, but who can blame her? She has all the reasons. Tao Lng siya, galit pah.hehehehe...niLAbas lng niyah galit niyah, totoo lng siya.God Bless nlng sa ating Mayor and get well soon nLng kay sheriff...
    at least napanatag ako, matapang mayor natin, dili basta2X

  3. that is something I am proud of.. By the way you are being tagged... Please check it out. Thanks

  4. she should not have done that in the first place, talk about mob rules, i don't want to get punched in the face for just doing my job, and there's no such thing as humanitarian reasons if justice or principles is to be served but these are the grey areas of law that has to be considered..

  5. Tama..nabilib ako nung napanuod ko yun..bat at the same time hindi rin naman ata tama na gawin nya yun kay sheriff kasi he is just doing his job..court order is court order...

  6. dapat lang na ginanun..humihingi lang ng 2 hours na palugit ayaw pagbigyan..mayor pa naman..anong klaseng sheriff iyan..para sa kulang pa nga ang ginawa niya..dapat siya na palitan bilang sheriff..

  7. wow! kani nga mayor...astig!

  8. hahaha...mayra tong sheriff to..buot-buot, ngita lang jud ug samok man...anyway, kinsa diay taas Vernz, ang court or si Mayor...hahaha

    nag email nako atong gihatag nimo ganina lang pero 3 pa lang kabuok hehe.


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