I really had a blast last Friday night, I met these beautiful online friends of mine, in specs is Gagay of Pinoy MD then me, then far right is  Kat of A Woman's Note, then Adaah of Single Mother on the go, then Genny of Genny Speaks.

We had it at Buffet Palace at Victoria Plaza here in Davao, we ate all we can .. we talked all we can, lol. Genny and Adaah's comic antics made no bore moments ... Adaah, manga-on tag jacuzzi, hahaha (she forgot the name actually referring to sushi) lol... Genny, lisud ba mag blog? ... lisud (with eyeballs rolling) hahaha... 

Gagay as I expected is a charming girl, I hope one day I'll go to her clinic, pa-doctor ko doc... sakit akong ... hahah :)

Kat is leaving soon, waahhh, I will miss a blogging buddy around here. di bale Kat.. magkita jud ta.. kung dili man sa Sweden somewhere on this planet..hahaha .. Have a good life there my friend, wishing you very, very well, all the best!

I hope there will be more meetings in the future, love you all beautiful people!


  1. Im just glad Im the first to comment....hmmmm, Ive been there to your place and I enjoyed the whole time, going from one place to another while we had our training there last two years ago. Im adding you on my friends list hoping I could be one of your so called online friends....

  2. Oi.. super touchy man oi.. maka hilak man pud ta.. nice meeting you maam vernz..

  3. aw, ang saya saya nio naman...kakatuwa. keep up the friendship,pretty pretty girls.

    visit me when ur not too busy down there:)

  4. sos, pagkalami man kau sa mga smile....ako murag usa palang jud ako na meet nga blogger...mahal man jud plete...waehhehe!


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