Top five reasons why smokers should change to E Cigs

Healthier option 

Let’s face the fact that giving up smoking is the hardest thing to do for anyone whose body has been dependent to nicotine and some other perilous chemicals present in cigars. The campaign to quit smoking has been around since I can remember and up to this day it still is a standing crusade that will probably outlive me as long as there are still people out there lighting their sticks up. And while many have successfully able to find their way out of this addiction, some still find it hard to stop and because of this problematic compulsion, the electronic cigarettes were invented and now raking popularity all over world. E cigs as many would call it is a kind of electronic inhaler that is designed to replicate tobacco smoking. It uses a specialized heating component that vaporizes a liquid solution. Some e-liquids contain nicotine, but people who want to seriously quit smoking get this option of filling their vapers with flavored liquid like bubble gum, lemon etc. 

Many health experts have spoken that e cigs can be a healthier option to conventional smoking as users can have the liberty to choose which vapors to inhale. This also poses a very viable possibility to smoking withdrawal. 

Safer Option 

Conventional cigars always pose danger to smokers; even those who do not but get exposed to second hand smoke are also vulnerable to health threats. E cigs are neat inventions, they do not work on combustion, and hence, they’re smokeless. They are battery operated and can be replaced when it won’t work anymore and since they work electronically, one can have this peace of mind from fear of getting something burned which can damage properties when disposed improperly. 

Cheaper option 

Smokeless cigs contain an atomizer that houses a small cartridge; this is where the e-liquid should be filled in. Generally, e cigs battery life can allow smokers to light up 2 to 3 hours. Each full refillable container is equivalent to 5 or six conventional cigar sticks. Now, that’s safer and a lot cheaper option indeed. 

Greener option 

Smokers may not realize it but they have a sizable contribution to ozone depletion. Smoke is a real environmental pollution, cigarette butts play second. Imagine the smoke reduction and the litter cutback one can contribute if they will shift to e cigs. Change is not always easy and often gets through conflict, but these are clear and present options one can discern if they want change to happen.

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  1. Oh, Vernz, this is too funny. I'm glad I quit smoking before E cigs were invented, but I love this story.


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