I’m preempting my post of the crab story for my Mellow Yellow Monday entry.

I was driving the other day ‘to have a good time and not to get on time’, if I may borrow a line from Sally, the blue cutie Porsche from the movie ‘Cars’. I purposely did not turn on the car’s air-conditioning as Davao City’s sun did not show up for the past few days and the weather is perfect for sightseeing.

I was a traffic obstruction that day plying 20kph along Dacudao Avenue, where trees shaded the road and leaves paved the way, I hear honking from time to time signaling me to speed up, but who cares until a garbage truck passed me by, after a while I got a feeling of throwing up sniffing the stench space the truck has left, so I was looking for a ‘sari-sari’ (variety) store to buy some candies to relieve me, when I spotted this store … an ‘IMBURNAL’ (culvert) store.

Call it a blatant manifestation of the real Philippine economic situation or a real Filipino ingenuity.

Now that’s one good real model of what rolling store means.

Thank you for reading, see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. hahaha, nice! it's a new year, so let's be optimistic, i'm betting on Filipino ingenuity. it's the first time I see one.

  2. Thanks Maggie for the drop and for taking time write, see me often to see more of pinoy ingenuity.

  3. WOW! You're a nice photojournalist mama vernz. ^^. ahah. galing ah. ^^. Buti ka pa.

    T__T; ay? binura mo link ko? naerase ko ung widget ko, tapos pag balik ko, wala na lahat ng links, so I must retype all those links. Add nalang kta ult, ung dalawa mong bonggang blog. Pa add naman.^^

  4. A little round store—
    truly a hole in the wall,
    with sweet treats for all!

    Enwreathed in yellow!

  5. Iba talaga ang creativity ng Pinoy :)

    That is one unique structure, Vernz.

    Btw, you have a Kreativ Blogger award waiting in my blog :)

  6. Glenn ur link is back! ... thanks for the compliment.

    Hi Magical Mystical Teacher, that's pinoy ingenuity with sweet treats for passers by ... heheh!

    Ms. Ray, I'll do it tonight! Salamat Kaayo!

  7. I think a Pinto is a horse or a car but what the heck is a gat and what can break off them ?

  8. Hi Vernz, first off, I love the new banner, cool. You always have some unique photo on your blog, I love that "rolling store." Have a great day!

  9. hello mama vernz. may new post ako ah. ^^ pa lait ng photo ko ^^

  10. Very interesting and a nice shot:-)
    Wish you a great day!

  11. rawr, maraming salamat sa payo mama vernz. cge out na po ako. ingat muah~~~

  12. ate vernz!!

    I just moved to my new domain; from to can read my blog post here..and up for now, i am updating also my blogroll..hopin' you'd change my URL into my new domain..thankie thankie!!! :)

    aside from this, mind exlinking with my news/media blog?just ping me if ok..ill be back!!! :)

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  13. gudnyt mama vernz. mua. more photos from me and from you to come~

  14. OMG is this really real? Even in my place in Mindanao I haven't seen like this one. Very creative though hehe! Thanks for sharing!


  15. awww what a great find! :) onli in da pinas!

    u may view mine here

  16. my first time here and I am so glad you're also from Davao! yey! may nadagdag sa aking list ng Dvo bloggers.

    love your post....ganyan ka-innovative at creative ang Pinoy!hahaha.

  17. only in the Philippines! Grabeh hanep ang pinoy! hehe

  18. Oh my goodness ... the creativity of people!? fantastic!
    thanks for popping by my MYM post at Vintage Rose

    Gena @ thinking aloud
    South Africa
    Vintage Rose Studio

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