My world was practically spinning like a top these past few days, it kills me, the intense spinning sensation I felt on my head was intolerable at one point it let me threw-up like crazy, it pained my throat like hell and at some point there were recurring episodes without any specific reason or cause that I swear I wish I’ll disappear.

I posted this experience at my other blog Woman’s Elan Vital and one of my commentors there Ms. A Chronicles also has same experience before and she suggested I should try the solution that she proved to be effective.

I did not go to the doctor anymore; I consulted YouTube instead, thanks to Ms. A. lol ;).
My research suggested that based on symptoms that I had, I’m suffering from Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), medical journals say the causes were still a mystery (you can google more on this if you're interested), but most common causes may include;

Viral infections,
Nerve inflammation (neuritis),
Complication of ear surgery (more common in older people and women),
Medication side effects, and/or
Rapid head movements.

Sadly, I can’t find my symptoms on the list, I suspect, it’s too much adgitizing, I’m serious mate! That’s why I lessen my stay on the monitors now, or i took longer breaks in between to move around.

Anyway, what Ms A. suggested was to try this Epley Maneuver for dizziness, I tell yah folks it really worked, here’s the positions you can try at home just in case you suffer intense dizziness too.

or watch this video instead for clearer steps on what to do;


  1. oh my...I hope everything is fine with you teVernz...mag worry man sad ta nimo still need to go to your doctor...just to make sure...musta na te? sensya karon lang ko katugbong...ehehhee!

  2. You know what they say...if symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Seriously, take care ha? But at least, you have this maneuver to help alleviate the symptoms.

  3. You can find almost anything on you tube nowadays, but be on the safe side and see your doctor!

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