Her parents sold quite a number of their properties just for this nurse cousin of mine be able to get to the ‘city that never sleeps’ and finally after three years of working like a dog, wiping and washing someone’s butt, she finally got a home of her own. But she said, owning a home in The Big Apple, does not end at entering the door, you have to consider home insurance coverage to buffer uncertain losses. But she was quick to respond that there are dependable and reliable home insurance in New York that offers personalized, money-back guarantee deals which is a plus factor for a striving Overseas Filipino Worker like her. Since this is a must process she wanted to be sure about everything, so she has to turn to New York State insurance department to take charge of everything related to insuring her new house.

I really missed her cute kids. Although we often see each other virtually it’s not really as warm as seeing them in person, while for now coming to the Big Apple is not yet in the list of our priorities, I think I have to work on the double to see Big Apple someday soon.


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