I got my crash course on matters of stock trading last night when I agreed to meet a long lost friend of mine. I was really stunned when I saw him, he’s a stock trader now for a posh company in Makati, back when we were in high school I can still remember he was that nerdy fella that finds a seat on a corner and play his brick game, his transformation from ugly duckling to a brisk, young executive really wowed me.

And what amazed me more was his expertise in stock exchange, he was taking about option trading systems as more powerful than stock trading as it allows one to potentially make over 10 times more money on the same move in the underlying stock than buying the stock itself. He was insistent in saying that this is the ultimate strategy of the rich to gain more financial freedom and dominate the market. No wonder, he’s driving a Lexus now and cuddling some pretty girls. If you want to know more about this trading strategy, there are sites that offer advisory service that uses an options trading system that focuses on making consistent returns under all market conditions using two option trading strategies.

After all the hellos and the his, I got my dose of lesson learned last night; never underestimate someone, especially the underdogs.

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  1. Most of organizations promoting top penny stocks are probably involved in some kind of scheme to flat out rip you off through a scheme called chop stocks or use you to inflate the value of stocks to execute the pump and dump scheme.

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