Are you ready to die? Suppose this question will be thrown at you at a random, how are you supposed to answer? Will you say yes, no, maybe, not now – to me this is a question that bears relative answer. Yes, I’m ready to die because I’ve paid full my preneed funeral plan, and I’m more at peace knowing I’ll not be thrown out in the navel of the sea after all living is gone, more so, I can decide whether I should be burned to ashes - choose the quaintly shaped urn where I should be cried and prayed at or choose which golden casket on display will I lay at. 

On the other hand, I’d say spiritually - NO, I’m not ready to die yet, this will require much of me and though I’m working hard on it every single day, I’m just human vulnerable of blunder and probably say – not now. 

Bottomline, dying these days is really expensive, and often it’s the living that suffers and shoulders all these, and how can we be so selfish letting them worry even in our death. And if you think about easing the anxiety of your bereaved family, then you should take a smart step to contracting preneed funeral plans today. 

This website, offers the most comprehensive and thorough  funeral planning checklist from day 1 of your departure to this world and unto your final resting place. 

Give your family peace even if you’re gone forever to somewhere else.


  1. yup, it's expensive to die as much as being alive;)

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