ABC WEDNESDAY … “R” is for red’s reflection resting and reading

I’m out of the dance floor for two weeks, rarely have blogged, rarely have opened by email, rarely have done things I used to do, symbolically out of the blogging dance floor. I’ve been a steady hop-on hop-off buddy of my two kids on their summer dance workshop. We’re almost done, thing is the recital fee is killing me, got to pay P1,950 for each of them for just a five-minute dance presentation. Jhine is killing me! I’m thinking of excluding them from the presentation, but the kids are protesting…. Waaah!…

So much for that, joining ABC Wednesday, a mom’s red Kork-Ease minus the pedicure, resting and reading while waiting, literally out of the dance floor. The kids workshop (the photo below) is at Metro Lifestyle Fitness Center Dance Studio, along Torres St., here in the city.

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Thanks dearies for dropping by.


  1. I wanna see a video of dance recital sis. Lovely red shoes by the way :D

  2. Hi Vernz! Ganda naman ng nail polish.hehehe.Mahal pala yang dance workshop. pag lumaki na
    chikiting ko, gusto ko mag swimming lessons sya kasi me & hubby do not know how to swim.hahaha

  3. Hello Vernz, thanks for dropping by my blog again; you're so faithful, I love you for it. No, I haven't tried but my husband always buy his turntable parts and amplifiers online. We both need to dance for exercise pero ako puros kaliwa ang paa, kaso.

  4. wow ate vernz, gusto pud ko mu try ana para mahilis pud akong mga fats... hehehe

  5. waaaaaaaa...pede pahuwam sa imong red sandal te? ehhehehe...sexy kaau woi....:)

    waaaaa...my gosh...hapit man sad mag 2k ang bayad...mahala pod...pero sige lang kay sulit man sad...ehehehe!

  6. Love the feet on the red sandals, hehehe!
    Don't think of the cost for the recital fee, sis. Think of the joy it may bring to both you and the kids. I also always pay for recitals but it's worth the cost. Kids become more skillful and confident when trained to perform formally in front of a big crowd.

  7. Love the red shoes, Vernz! I had two dancing daughters so I can empathize with you! Great shots for the R day! Hope your week gets better as it goes along! Thank you as always for your visits and comments, much appreciated!


  8. Nice Shoes!!!
    Galing mo pala sumayaw, I cant' dance, both of my feet are left. lol!

  9. Hi Vernz; Great pics!
    Thanks for visiting,commenting,following. I'm the Thai flag on your Live Traffic Feed, though I'm Udon, not Bangkok.

  10. red na red ate vernz ha.. hehe

    mahal diay mag dance workshop? ngek.. dili na lang ko mu try hahahaha.. mura sad naa pa chance.. :)

  11. nyak, ABC Wed man diay, wa pa ko ka himo..anyway, okay, apil ko sa BC if mahuman nako sa new domain hehe..Salamat Vernz...mag kita ta pohon next month kay mouli mi diha Davao hehehe.

  12. Ah, but in ten years you won't remember the fees, you'll just remember the fun and the glowing faces! I hope it goes well!

  13. Hello Vernz,
    That's nice! At least you have been keeping them busy this summer. My kids didn't take up any summer courses this year. Pahinga muna ako sa gastos at sa paghatid sundo. Grabe ang increase ngayon sa tution and fees. Pero I want them to take up dance lessons din, probably next summer.

    Have a good day!
    Every Thought Counts

  14. Hi Verns here from ABC wed, Ill post mine later. Thats a cute sandal, it should have red nail polish to match thesandal heehe

  15. Doesn't look like you're in Kansas anymore!!
    Love the red shoes!


  16. Hey, I THOUGHT you were new to ABC Wednesday. I try to visit everyone during the week, but it's been busy.

    Anyway, LOVE the sandals shot!
    welcome - ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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