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100 YEARS OF PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE …. 12 years ago … for the first and the last time I was able to wear an Imeldific-look,(in blue terno) naks! This was during the celebration of the Philippine Centennial 12 years ago. This look worth all the gripping and the holding of breath,

I won an Alvaro Jimenez painting during the event raffle, gallery worth during that time P48K, now, I wonder how much this painting cost. All of the pieces exhibited during that time were painted on dried banana skin and so this one.

I missed wearing body hugging clothes, seems like somebody would be committing a sin mocking me at my back seeing me in this outfit now.

Anyway, can’t think of something more to write, just came from a three-hour straight lecture… jocks, dried throat, dried brain ……

See you again next week at Rose’s Nostalgic Marveling.


  1. Wow painting out of banana? Thats an art. Buti ka pa sis you get to wear that kind of dress imeldific hahaha

  2. Cute, bagay ang terno Ateh Vernz...baka nasa 100thou na yan ngaun..hehe

  3. wow! the painting will surely worth more than that.if you will sell it you might get rich,I mean, you are already rich, but it will make you very very rich, lol!

  4. In fairness Ate you look so good with you Imeldefic atirus!

    I'm sure the painting now is worth more than it was!

    have a good night ate :)

  5. Wow ate, how did you win it, I mean pano? Did you make the painting yourself? Hahaha sensya na, dami kong tanong lol. You look great on that imeldefic dress hehehe. Nakakamiss talaga nung kapanahunan natyin where we can wear tight hugging outfit and not worry about something bulging in lol..

  6. Vernz, ka slim nimo oi! I remember in the 70's on Imelda's blue ladies.

    Wow! that paiting must be worth hundreds!

  7. wow! a nice piece of art! and nice blue dress!

    thanks for the visit!

  8. good for you, I never experienced wearing ala-imeldific gown, ever.. I bet it's worth more than 100k now the painting.. :)


  9. The national costume of the Philippines is unmistakable. I'm sure you can still fit, maybe with a little re-sizing ;-)

  10. it looks great on your man ko kaabit ana nga time but I was fantasizing of wearing something like that on my wedding..tapos nkabarong tagalog naman si hubby...but it never happened... great nostalgia...happy independence pala

  11. wow! 48k? i think it's worth a million nana ron te...ehehehe!

    I so love your attire..naa pana kay huwaman nako...hehehehe...angayan kaau ka te....:)

  12. nakakamiss ngang magsuot ng ganyan, you look great! I used to wear like that during Linggo ng Wika:)

  13. heheh.. okay lang namn post mo Te Vernz.. napaka-nostalgia nga eh.. oo nga you're thin pa nga do'n sa first pic mo.. elegant din.. at 'yong painting ha.. very nice and expensive.. that was more than a thousand bucks when converted to dollars.. I love it! Happy nostalgia..

    Here's mine:
    My Nostalgia: Big Black Stones, Beach, Seawater and Mini-me
    See yah.. ;-)


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