I was in high spirits seeing my co-teachers last night; the happy affair ended up with a sad moment someone from the group is resigning because of pressures brought about by having to raise a family single handedly. But on the side she was very hesitant to tender her papers because of money matters.

Least she knew, I was also thinking of resigning too even before the classes started as I was in the same dilemma as hers. If only I wallowed on a lot of moolahs, or might as well consider betting a chance on online casino gambling, the easiest way out, why not? Yeah, I’m serious, who cares about what this white-robed fellows has to say, I would take my chance, and this would mean knowing Blackjack, Keno, Bingo, Baccarat and the rest.

Well, that is what life is all about you win some, lose more often. Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. I played keno and bingo in sweden, vernz...nice man ila bingo kay usually ang price ay visiting neighboring countries..(Chengen State)..pero wa jud ko kadaug...maayo pa sa keno kay maka bawi ko at may tubo pa hehehehe

    Hasta nako katawa sa imo comment vernz kay kahilakon sa imo first flight..siguro pogi ang pilot.nyahaha..nya milanding na noon, mihilak na jud ka..haha..

    thanks sa pag share..hehe

    adgi sa ko diri

  2. Ancient Chinese saying: "Gamble 10 times, lose 9 times". Sure you want to go down that path? Maybe if you count cards as skillfully as Rain Man ;-)

  3. sis I Dont like gamble as I know I lose more than win. :(


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