After all the election craze, after all the millions of money has spent I think everybody now has come back to their senses and beginning to face the real macoy of our present Philippine political situation.

And talking about the political scene of Davao City, the Dutertes has once again proven their capabilities to hold power as they retain their seats whether the daughter is the mayor or the father is the vice-mayor, or whichever thing is, they still hold the key.

But unknown to those who are not from Davao there are still on-going rifts among the losers and the winners here. The infamous Speaker of the house Boy Nograles never conceded but rather made a protest claiming he was cheated, as always the case when losing in an election. But their rift did not just start right after Inday Sarah was proclaimed mayor, maybe even before I was born, that’s what the older folks have told me here. But during the May 10 elections it started with throwing mud at each others face, the Nograles camp claimed:
And the Duterte camp retaliated

Ok, the Dutertes won, hoping for the best, as they say so.

But it did not end there. There are still other parties involve. Our constitution provides that there should be a separation of Church and the State, well, in theory… Yes! But not in practice… long before the election started Father Pete Lamata, a parish priest at Buhangin Church has entered a rift with pareng Rody, accusing the later of corruption and the like, Duterte retaliated about Pete, a priest having a wife and more hits below the belt. Discreetly Fr. Pete supported Nogie, of course as the situation called for. So, again the Dutertes won, and it turned out to be …..

PIKAT NIMO is a bisayan expression with a gesture of putting your finger under your eyes and stretch it open, usually done in disgust over someone in simply childish and playful insolent manner.

Although the Dutertes did not openly claimed posting all these banners, many had assumed the Dutertes did, and according to the barangay captain where these posters were planted, not until somebody naming Pete would claim and complain about these posters, they will not tear it down.

So as of press time, these posters are still there, as I have just taken this yesterday when we went to visit a friend in Cabantian area.

So that’s how I interpreted all these signs randomly posted around this city.

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  1. What's Pikat nimo means? just to enlighten us, LOL..

  2. wow grabe ka init ang pulitika diha sa inyo sis bah... joker kaayo ang mga poster nila... tubag2x lang... hehehe!

  3. waaaaa....grabi na jud ang pinas...ehehhee...mura man nuon ug uneducated....lain kaau paminawon ang sign...I mean nauwaw ko ug basa...ehehehe!

    thanks for sharing te....:)

  4. @ Josie, hi sis, hahahah, yah, I forgot not all my readers are bisaya... put adendum already....

    @ Kayce, korek ka diyan ... hahahah!

  5. Hahaha, \no one can beat DUterte seguro Ate. Grave nangaway na jud na pikat man jud hahaha, parang sinabi na ding blehhh tapos man dila pa hahaha

  6. nyahahaha imo jud ko gipakatawa sa mga posters diri adtong eleksyon, tubag2x diay sila...funny pod tong pikat nimo pete nyahahaha...mayra nila hahahaha....sayang dah, wa ko ka vote diri, pero sa maynila man sad ko naka rehistro, pa transfer sa ko diri para enjoy...hehe

    BTW..nag adgi ko diri ug EC Vernz

  7. oi yeah, vernz, I saw the billboard when we were there last week. i have even asked myself what it means. sus mao diay na? thanks, karon nakasabot nako ngano naa may billboard ingon ato. as in billboard jud ha. grabe jud diay na ilang away politika no?

  8. Politics is always dirty.

    Hope you can drop by and make a comment on my post for my wife's birthday. Thank you!

  9. Very astute observations. Here in Bangkok, we'll be thankful if we can make it to the next election without more protests, bloodshed and burning...


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