T’was a very crazy day, running here and there, although I have the urge to write my mind, my spirit is willing but my fingers are just too weak to write. I’m sharing you instead a relaxing music … obviously it’s from You tube, just play it while EC dropping and Adgitizing. Thanks Guys for dropping by, ta! ta! got to dream big.


  1. hehe... I am tired too still need to blog.

  2. thanks for sharing Ate Vernz,ginaya ko ikaw.. while dropping EC pinakinggan ko hehehe..

  3. Hello,

    Yes, yes, very special. Music-therapy is great. I am researching how the sounds influence the babies.

    Very good and fun to look,:)

    Peace be upon you

  4. It's alright, we can all use a timeout once in a while... have a blessed weekend!

  5. agoy kalami man kau nuon ikatulog...ahhahaha....agoy katulgon ko ug paminaw te...ehehehe!

    salamat tuod sa paglabay sa akong other blog...oo te, pen pal ni banana...ehehehe!

    ato nuon nga time kay uso ang chat....pero wala ko chat kay ala time...busy sa feasibility...I was about to graduate....maong ala time makig chat...ehehheh!

  6. ay sorry, ako internet connection di man kaya mo play ug youtube..ahak ning SMART..abi nako paspas ni sila...

    well, ingats and have a blessed sunday...muahh

    adgitizing ra ko diri ug ec dropping ra ko Vernz

  7. @ sherry, thanks sis, I'm working on your links... thanks for dropping by..

    @ Charmie, Salamat jud dear sa suroy, o di ba soothing..

  8. @ Isha Shiri, thanks sis for the drop... appreciate it very much.

    @ Dhemz, hahahahah, mao ba! mao diay ingon nimu wa la ka ex... hahahah...

  9. @ Kat, mao ba, kusog man diri sa amo dapit... hinay siguro ang signal... hehehehe... Salamat sa laag...


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