…. An elicit affair with Mr. Flu! Dang! This persistent guy keeps sticking around even if I’m setting him free he keeps coming back. The doctor told me to rest so I can let go of him, maybe I just love him so, I defy orders, been a disobedient patient.

But this time, I’m determined; I missed EC dropping and Adgitizing more than sleeping with this head-crack causing Mr. F.. Guys, promise I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, just finding a way to dump this nose-drip causing fella.

Thanks for supporting on this side of town.


  1. oh no, we're both having an affair.. i want this cough and colds of mine to go too.. but this sickness loves me dearly and keep sticking on me even if I hate him already.. anyways, get well soon dear.. i mean get well to both of us.. :D

  2. Hi Get well soon!!

    btw, just want to ask whether u r interested in putting up links at the sidebar of your blog.. if interested, pls email to me..thanks..

  3. Hmmm, the guy is at two places.
    We've had a flu-ish week too and right now I'm struggling with my lungs and one of the others with nausea.

    I hope you feel well soon.

  4. @ Nuts, sis, same to you pala... get well soon to both of us...

    @ Faye, salamat sa laag Faye...Lagi oi... runny nose.. huhuu!

  5. @ reanaClaire, I have a page for my friends badges.. its free, I can put yours there... thanks for the drop..

    @ Kayce, lagi dear.. unta mawa na ni oi...

  6. @ Sherry, Thanks Sherry for dropping by... appreciate very much..

    @ Anne, gurl, salamat sa laag... see you!

  7. @ laane, hi thanks forthe drop, get well to you too...

  8. Hello Vernz,

    I was very happy with your comment, very kinder. Thanks.

    Your Blog is very cool. Congratulations.

    I wish you peace and health.

  9. i don't know if this is where i respond to, but thanks for stopping by! and yes! my giveaway is open to international bloggers, also!

  10. I just recovered not too long; the whole family fell victim, one after the other. Chicken soup?

  11. Hello, thank you for the visit of my blog , Have a nice day to you :)

  12. Oh no, get well soon.

    That is one affair Id rather not have :-)

  13. Get well soon Ateh Vernz! :)

  14. ooh hope everything goes well. thanks for the visit. I like your new header. It's really cute.


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