It’s been a crazy day, glad I’m clicking back again. Apologies to my blogging friends, I’m getting back on track now. But really, I woke up 7 in the morning, cook breakfast, do the laundry, rushed to Ateneo grade school to borrow biography book, my son had forgotten to borrow one maybe because of too much excitement as it was their opening of intramurals last Friday, good thing the library was open.

I need to get back home for lunch and check on my kids. Had to leave again to go with my husband to meet his client, he needs a supah secretary, LOL! For the longest time I have been tagging along and meeting clients of my husband, I didn’t thought of getting myself a business card, although I know it is important. I might consider if it is free business cards. Well, who would have thought you can have all these over the internet, making one is just as easy as signing a closed deal.

At four, we went home and pick up the children for a 5 o’clock mass at Ateneo De Davao University chapel. Have dinner at Let’s Crab Eat and went home straight, face my laptop again, so there, it happen all in a day’s work.
The Ateneo de Davao University grounds just before the mass started, my son in red and my daughter in orange, my oldest son is the one on the bench.


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