For the longest time that I have been living here Davao, I can only count with my fingers the times that a storm has hit this area, this question - how it is like to be living in areas being hit by storm often - Is not actually a wishful thinking. It might be a bit weird but I just want to get that feeling of empathy, how is it to be warned to get ready for evacuation? How is it to be living in the evacuation centers? How intense is it to be in the areas forewarned to have a storm signal number 4. I believe that you will have a much deeper understanding of things, a more compassionate feeling towards people being hit by this storm if you yourself really have experienced how it is to be.

Although at times we feel sympathetic to those people we just see on TV, thanks to this technology, but honestly, after we have delivered several pack of noodles, cans of sardines used clothing and other relief items in the dropping centers here, just like we did during the Ondoy days, we felt so detached. We just say ‘kawawa naman’ and let it through after.

I felt it more a responsibility more than fortunate to be geographically located somewhere here in the south, for the reason that - whatever happens to those people being striken by storm you still have your kababayans down here who are more than willing to send you another sacks and sacks of support again.

Juan please be gentle.

Oh wait, I’m sharing this post for MYM.
behind those clouds are blue hopes of a clear day...

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  1. Naku I hope okey naman ang area na nadaanan nang bagyo. That dark cloud means business!
    Plant for bugs

  2. Sana nga, maging mahinahon si Juan :( Nakalabas na daw ng bansa eh. thank God.

    Visiting you back from Online Mommy's Corner

  3. swerte jud ta te naa ta sa Mindanao panalagsa ra jud ang bagyo unlike sa Luzon. Hope wala casualties and destruction na dal-on ni Juan.

  4. Salamat naman at kahit maulan sa north hindi kasing lala ng Ondoy ang tama nya.

    Liz @ MLC

  5. Mejo madilim na nga ang langit. Those billboards should be rolled up d b? They are risky to motorists and people in the streets during the storm.

  6. I've lived in Manila for several years before staying for good here in the South and the typhoons are not something that I'd like to experience again. You're so right and saying that we tend to forget what happens next after any disaster. have a good week! My MYM is here.

  7. I just read the news on Yahoo. It's the northern part of the country that suffer the most and most crops that is about to be harvested was ruined. For sure,mahal na naman ang mga gulay.

  8. Praying na di ka kayo masalanta ng bagyo ate.

    Sensya na,m huli na ako sa pila lol.. tVernz, can you please leave your url's sa nostalgic para maadd kita dun..mwah!

  9. You are lucky if you are not in a flood or storm zone. We are not in a flood zone now because we live on a hill but we do have storms here every now and then and I am omore worried about falling trees.....Christine

  10. Ate what mean, iwan mo yung URL or addresses ng blogs mo sa Nostalgic Blog ko para maadd kita sa list hehehe

  11. Sounds like you are pretty safe. But I know what you mean about wanting to experience it. Safely, though!

  12. Interesting yellows in both photos if we look carefully.

    Kay, Alberta

  13. oh my! nana sad diay bagyo te?! labay ko dire...salamat sa dalaw..mwah!

  14. WE ARE LUCKY na di tayo naapektuhan ni jUAN. Unlike last year, kaya may trauma ang mga tao sa amin sa Marikina pag may mlakas na ulan.

    :) happy MYM
    Lifemoto MYM

  15. Yes, Davao is blessed because of its geographic location. It is seldom visited by typhoons, unlike my province and other provinces in the country. Lucky you!

    Miss N of


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