When it rains it pours so the saying goes.

I wonder why I’ve been struck by series of unfortunate events these past days, it only started with a trailer truck that hit our electricity line that left us currentless for a day on Monday. I thought that was settled after the guys from Davao light fixed it like a thief in the night, that fast.

The following day, the phone rang, it was sad news, my husbands best friend’s father finally succumb to death after several months of battling complications brought about by big C. Later in the afternoon, my son was bugging me about his costume for their schools UN Day, and many more. I got whacked the whole week, I contracted muscle pains, severe headaches, I can already feel the pain rises to my chest brought about by acid reflux, and I can feel my muscles quiver.

Me, ‘feeling like a doctor’ went on self-prescribed medication, to no avail, I know I’m getting down, so once and for all, I dropped by our family doctor after doing my wet marketing at Agdao Public Market to get professional recommendation.

I was a good patient, I drank all what the doctor prescribed, unfortunately it made me drowsy, so I had to go back again and ask him for another prescription, he instead gave me Cyclobenzaprine, thank God, after several hours, my body pains were gone.

But did you know that you can get Cyclobenzaprine no prescription online? Although it is not advisable to self-medicate, as it’s always a good practice to seek your doctors advice when it comes to medical treatments, you have liberal alternative venue where you can source your drugs.

Other than cyclobenzaprine, Ultracet no prescription, which also works best as a pain reliever and antidote to acid reflux can also be sourced online. Fioricet no prescription in fact is also a very potent aspirin-free pain management medicine, and a non-narcotic one can also be sourced online. Check it out.

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  1. rest, rest , rest...that is the best thing to do, gurl:-)


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