It was by accident that I was able to uncover this photo from my old paper files. Most of my old family photos were left at my mom’s home in Cotabato.

This one in particular was taken circa 70’s with my fathers siblings in San Juan, Siquijor. Two of the four siblings has parted in almost same circumstance … complications due to smoking and drinking.

The two ladies at the far right were my aunt and my mom, at the left were my older cousins, that little girl ‘na napitpit dyan ay ako po’ I was two years then, the other side is another cousin who owns now a technical school in Larena town also in Siquijor. The old woman was my lola, she parted when I was 10. 

It’s been years that I have not seen my cousins … if only I have lottssa moolah, I’ll hold a reunion all expenses paid, lol.

Oh, another scene stealer, who can’t forget that dog, the oldest dog that has ever lived in that town, Magnon. My father really had an immersed attachment to this dog, that when we moved to Lebak and until this very day all of his dogs, one dog at a time, were all named Magnon. I even jested one time and said, ‘wala na ba juy laing ngalan sa iro?’ My father’s response was, I’m used to saying Magnon all the time, and it’s hard to change the twist of my tongue… haisst!

Anyway… One of these days… I will post photos of my birth town here… just wait! Lol.

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  1. Hahaha Magnon pala ang favorite ngalan sa iro lol.. Ayan may natutunana na naman akong bagong bisdak hahaha.. Ang galing ng mga icture nun ano ate, di nasisira unlike photos these days... Naku ang smoking and drinking talaga eh peste lol..

    Thanks for the comment ate, actually dun nga kita naumpisang makilala dahil sa contest na yun...

  2. early ng nostalgia mo vernz.... a reunion is always nice kaso magastos at syempre we need hundreds of thousands for that ... saang kamay kaya pwedeng hagilapin ang amount na yan...

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  3. Hi, Vern, You are lucky you still have some childhood pictures of you, your mom and relatives. In my case most of the pictures of my parents were lost or burned during the Japanese-American war, when our house in Jaro,Iloilo was destroyed by the Japanese bombs. There is only one picture of me when I was two years old that was saved. I treasured this picture very much. Cheers!

  4. We have this kind of picture way back then pero naun na missplaced yata wahh

  5. Magnon--i remember a hero in a soap opera named Magnon when i was a kid.:p Your mom's family is from Siquijor pala...spent 5 days in Siquijor a few years ago. It's a beautiful island and i would like to return one of these days. it's good to look back where we came from...somehow, it gives us a sense of where we would want to go.

  6. That's funny, naming dogs because someone got used to saying the same name all the time.

    Please visit my nostalgia post

  7. hhahaha...kuyawa pod ug name sa inyong iro te in...usa lang man jud ang ngalan...bisan ni abot ug 10 ang inyong dogs...ang name japon kay Magnon...ehhehehe! siaw...:)

    agoy pagka cute kau nimo sa pic te...naipit tawon ka....ehhehe!

    I read your 5-6 pages story about your Mom...nice kau sya te...I voted already...good luck!

  8. Maka nostalgic gyud ni nga photo vernz, as in. naa daghan ingon ani nga pictures akong mama sauna hehehe.

    btw, ikapila d i mag vote vernz, mana mn ko vote atong nag bilin ka comment sa akong milestones ako click ang link. maop kabalo ko nga layo pa imung ligas sa uban. ako nya check usab later na sd okay. thank sa visit and comments.

  9. talagang black and white pa ha, ako din I don't have that much old photos kc our first house was burned down and all our pictures was there too, un nsa akin nahingi ko lang sa auntie ko. :P

    I'm joining this meme too:

  10. it feels good reminiscing. the picture is very 70s. ang galing mong mag-ingat ng picture, sis.

    Our Brave Preschooler

  11. haha, kala ko panahon pa ni magellan ito vernz, jowk. so nice of u to keep old photos, paenlarge mo, bka later maging of "intrinsic value", hehe

  12. this picture is very precious. i always love looking at old photos

  13. Aww, ang cute mo sa picture. So touched to hear your father has a close bond with his dog. My Papa is that way too.

    Mel @ Hearts content of a Mama

  14. ka cute mo naman, napitpit, hahaha! di ka man lang kinalong ng lola mo. Walang picture na ganyan ang mga parents ko for some reason. Magnon walang kupas, hehehe!

  15. Hahahahahahaaha...kalooy naiipit kay mao may kinagamyan hahaha...

    sus, kapila na sad mi naka iro Vernz, kanunay lalaki ug babae jud, nya ang pangalan kanunay ra pod Jinky ug Jacky...wa na jud tawon lain makit-an ako mama, mao ra jud na nga pangalan nyahahahaha.

    wa ko kaapil ani kay nahurot ako oras sa SSv4 adtong thursday kay naa koy Opp sa ila nya ang required link kay wala man nag work, so nag ticket ko sa ila, gitagaan ko ug instruction, ako gisunod, mao lang man japon, dili jud mag work hangtud abtan na lang ko ug gabii, gikapoy na noon ko, so wa na ko kabuhat ani noon waaaaaaaaaaa


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