Enough reason why I let my children stay at home today, 
our frontyard was turned into a little pond, their second absent for the whole semester
My plants rejoiced

It rained the whole night last night; I think the heaven’s teared also with my uncle who lost in the barangay elections. He’s got no money, no machinery only a clean conscience and a heart to help, but as they say election is money … having only the latter obviously he failed.  

I’m a changed woman now, I look at things at its bright side with hope and optimism, but just this once, I think this country is hopeless, corruption is incurable. My God, these crocodiles didn’t spare no one, we’ll I took the groceries and the money, it’s still my money, half of teaching salary is axed with tax so I have to take those as it’s mine, but for heaven’s sake, how can these people just ‘garapalan’ hand-out peso bills night before the election. I pity these people.

Dismantling this culture of corruption should I think start from the grassroots level, but how can this be? Seeing the way people at this plane perpetuated such a practice is so depressing. I’m so overwhelmed with disgust; politics indeed is more than smutty as the garbage it left.

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  1. Kaya natalo vernz kasi clean sheets laro ng uncle mo. you know na diyan sa atin money works and talks. sorry to hear about your uncle candidacy. haaay ulan ulan sana pera ka nlang heheh

  2. So sad to hear of this outcome and its effect on your faith in Humanity.

    We're facing an election here in the United States as well, which could end badly for a lot of people, with society going backward toward a less civilized place.

    Best of luck to you there, Vernz.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Hope things get better for you.

  4. oh my, wala na jud tambal sa corruption sa pinas...unsaon nalang...ehehehe...hope nakadaug unta akong maidlot nga amahan...lol!

    gaulana diay diha te? I like your front yard...pagka bibo sa mga halaman.

    musta ang inyong weekend te? sensya na karon lang nakadalaw...busy ang life sa yaya pag weekend...day off man...ehehhee!

    salamat sa dalaw ug comments...:)

  5. It is really depressing. But I still hope that there will come a time wherein we Filipinos could already get rid of such mentality.

  6. Maybe rain will wash the bad stuff away! Thanks for your visit.

  7. pareho diay ta Vernz, ponds of frogs amo yard this morning waaaaaaaaa..kaka asar kay hadlukan ra ba kaayo ko ug frog...

    BTW, sorry sa uncle nimo, saon nga ato politics kay money is powerful man, mao ng napelde imo uncle kay diniyos man iya.

    anyways up na ako RT tua sa L & H

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle's candidacy yotch Vernz. I love that first picture. There's something strange and serene in it.

    Come & check me out with My Ruby Tuesday here

  9. ill system of govt, plus isama na natin na isa sa kultura ngmga pinoy ay maging makapangyarihan sa ngalan ng salapi, hay buhay ni juan hano, kkajinez!!!

    btw, d2 kami nueva ecija, may SIL is from baguio kz.
    view of our place http://www.buhayngpromdi.blogspot.com

  10. importante ang safety ng mga bata. minsan we ca't rely on PAGASA. kasi ang panahon ay weather-weather lang!

  11. Sorry for your disappointing election. That's hard to take. Even if you don't have a close relative who lost. And isn't the rainy gray a perfect metaphor.

  12. Hay naku...di pa rin nagbabago ang pinas.Sorry to hear about your uncle losing the election..


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