When we had our lunch at Jack’s Ridge Taklobo Restaurant sometime last week (see more story here), I told my son to read the writings on the wall …..

He's trying .... lol..!
Mom, I gave up. Can't figure it out ....

This is actually whats written on that wall, a packet of Davao’s history ….

"The land on which Jack’s ridge now stands once formed part of the headquarters of the retreating Japanese Forces towards the end of World War II. The Americans had landed in Davao on May 1, 1945, forcing the Japanese to beat a path to Matina Hills where they had a commanding view of the Davao Gulf where the American ships were anchored. Fierce fighting soon erupted between the two forces, and as history shown us, the Japanese lost.

Today, more than half century later, Jack’s Ridge is filled with reminders of its historic past. Caves dugs by the Japanese porkmark the area and once in a while people still find bullets and other war materials in the rocky soil. There is also a talk that hidden somewhere are gold bullions and other treasure that the Japanese had taken from other country and brought to Davao.

Whatever the truth about the treasure, Jack’s Ridge maintain the feature that made it an important outpost for the retreating Japanese forces, a commanding view of Davao City and the gulf the same view within the premises is also refreshing since the owner has made it a mission to preserve the natural beauty of the place.

Jack’s Ridge was built to offer a completely new experience to diners, and its not over yet, more developments are underway to make it the premier dining resort in Davao City. Indeed Jack’s Ridge is making its own mark in Davao City’s history."


  1. it's great to let our kids know certain history, it will stir up their minds, my boy loves watching anything ancient!

  2. wa pa jud ko ka anha diha sa Jack Ridge Vernz...bukod sa resto, unsa pay naa didto?

    anyway...HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY Vernz...naa ko gift sa imo diri...hehehe



  3. Its good that on early age our kid was expose to the history especially on the place we are belong.

  4. I love historical places like this!!
    Where we can have fun and learn about the old days at the same time. In my hometown, we already took our 3y daughter to museum, historical palace and places like that. Though she may not understand why we bought her there instead of the playground LoL, but we want her to appreciate her ancestors historical inheritances in the future.

  5. I continue to admire the people of WWII that made so many sacrifices to put an end to insanity that engulfed the world. Thanks for the posting.

  6. Very informative ate and your little pone is handsome!

  7. Vernz didto ko sa imong Some Things...pero wa ko ka comment kay mo error man...dunno why...sige nako balik-balik mao japon ang result...

    anyway, di na sad ko mo-usab ug egg sa buhok kay mura ug gakumot-kumot ko ug plema, yacksss sorry kung gakaon ka diha waaaaaaa, baho o lantsa pa jud kaayo..yacksssss.

    nag mayonaise pod ko sa ako buhok, nya ako jud gi-overnight, nice lagi kaayo ang result kay shiny jud, kaapan kay ang amoy mura ug oten napan-us ahak nyahahahahaa. censored!!


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