…akala nyo ha kayo lang sa dyan sa ‘higher latitudes’ kung baga ang me autumn….. hmmmmm… yan ang akala nyo…… meron din kami sa Davao… lol.

It was a national holiday yesterday, in honor of the ‘month of sacrifice’ of our Muslim brothers and sisters; we went out to meet a friend in Shrine Hills, on our way home the kids insisted on dropping by the Sto. Nino Shrine to lit candles.

Out of the blue, the eldest said, ‘so you just thought those guys living in the higher latitudes only experience autumn, huh!’ Look at that …. Ok son, I can’t exactly  agree I have no sense of comparison I have not experienced what it’s like on autumn. He replied and said, ‘its ok mom, looks like autumn is a sad feeling, the trees are dying.’

My readings suggested it so son,… indeed our surroundings affect of our behavior. So there, nothing much happened on this side of town.


  1. I experience autumn din sa atin noon maam, lalo that time na dami pang trees. ngayon wala na masyado.

  2. Ganda ng first shot sis ah. Parang ibang bansa but if you look closely, parang talisay tree ata yan ah! :)

  3. lagi nice kaayo imong pagkakuha ate.. mora pud ug naa sa laing nasod.. nyahahah! ako pud mangita pud ko dri ug mga nangahulog nga dahon mag picture2x pud dayon... toinkz!

  4. talisay bana te? ehhehee...naa man jud me talisay sa una sa pinas...once a year mandagas iyang dahon.

    I don't like autumn...kapoy mag rake...ehehehe! great shots te!


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