This is not the first time that I have been hearing a lot of terrible stories about products coming from China, not long ago, candies, canned goods, toys, milk manufactured in China has been recalled due to defected, high levels of toxins that were incorporated in the goods making it very dangerous to human consumption and health.

But this is the first time that I have read about toxic Chinese drywalls that has penetrated the American market that least people living in that country knew, they had used it for making or renovating their homes. Drywalls are construction materials that are composed of gypsum sandwiched between two pieces of heavy paper, used mainly for interior walls and ceilings. What is alarming is that these materials contain toxic materials that are harmful to humans.

According to experts these are the warning signs that your homes were built and made with Chinese drywalls.
  • They were built or remodeled between 2001 and 2008
  • They have a sulfur or rotten-egg smell, particularly when windows and doors are shut
  • Residents suffer allergies, nose bleeds, upper-respiratory problems and other symptoms that disappear when they leave the homes for an extended time
  • Air conditioning units have repeated coil corrosion
  • The copper in the home, from the electrical ground wires to the copper coils that are in the air conditioning, turn black
If you happen to detect all these warning signs and has suffered and wanted to find solution to this Chinese drywall problem, be sure to contact Chinese drywall lawyer. Someone has to take accountability for the irresponsible distribution of these toxic goods.

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